Revive! Leave yourself in the care of Nature and our specialists.

Access our offer for wellness packages and break a cliché!

Pack your bags and come! (don't forget to take all the good intentions with you....)

Revive! Leave yourself in the care of Nature and our specialists.

We are welcoming you with:

The PORTAL Village wellness packages are based on the 4 primary elements of eco-hospitality:

A Healthy MENU

Nutritious, healthy, delicious meals and snacks served in Green Bistro Vatra, our on-site restaurant

8 Premium Bungalows

Accommodation in a bungalow designed for perfect relaxation; 4 stars for the equipment and facilities.

Daily revitalization ritual

Daily hour-long ritual in the VORTEX SPA with a good bath, sauna, aromatherapy, revitalization with organic products. 60 divine minutes in complete privacy.

Ritual Art of Spa Wine Therapy

A sensual ritual of purification, hydration, and total relaxation that includes peeling, wrapping, facial massage and therapeutic massage ritual.

SEJUR all inclusive

Full Recovery Package (minim 2 nights)

We have created the context, up to the smallest details, for your break to be perfect & instagrammable, whether it's a winter getaway or holiday. Invite your friends and loved ones!
Contact us for more details. Pack your bags and come!
We are welcoming you with:
  • Accommodation in your bungalow set up for spending time in the most comfortable way;
  • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner and nutritious, healthy and delicious snacks, served in the VATRA restaurant, on a full board basis;
  • The Wellness Ritual in VORTEX SPA Hour [daily, for 1 hour, extreme privacy];
  • Art of Spa Wine Therapy Ritual [peeling, wraping, face massage and therapeutic massage ritual for each guest, 90 minutes/ session/ per stay];

The price starts from 200 euro/person/night in the SUN bungalow with double occupancy.

Open the PORTAL and reserve your place with us: 


Guest Signature Package

ReCharge yourself with vitality, enter the PORTAL and leave yourself in the care of Nature and our team.

The offer includes:

  • accommodation in your premium bungalow, prepared for your comfort, in the arms of Nature;
  • demipensiune cu mese delicioase, proaspete și sănătoase, servite în green bistro Vatra din PORTAL Village;
  • the daily hour in the VORTEX SPA wellness house, where you will enjoy the benefits of the sauna and the hot water tub in complete privacy, embraced by the forest.

The price starts from 130 euro/person/night in the SUN bungalow with double occupancy.

Open the PORTAL and reserve your place with us:

Day Time Package

Wellness Day OUT

When pampering becomes the most beautiful declaration of love for...self!

The Wellness day OUT package can be accessed from Sunday to Thursday, between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., subject to availability and by appointment.

The package includes:

  • a complete ritual of revitalization and relaxation in the VORTEX Spa for 60 minutes (sauna, hot tub, relaxation area).
  • delicious lunch in Green Bistro Vatra
  • welcome drink from the house

at the price of 275 lei/person, 2 persons minimum.

Other services: dinner +150 lei/person and/or the therapeutical massage Balance +150 lei/session of 50 minutes. sesiune de masaj aromatic full body, 50 minute, +300 lei

Reserve at +40728939814

The PORTAL Village offer dedicated to Wellness Packages is exclusively addressed to adults 18+ who want a discreet, elegant, sophisticated setting, where the ambience invites you to interesting conversations, to unexpected meetings with people on the same energy with you, who also appreciate good taste, products and services prepared with all the love and attention.