Peace is embracing you
You have all the comfort

Capacity of bungalows

1-2 persons

The capacity of the complex

8 bungalows

Disabled access

Sheltered bungalow

Amenities and facilities 4****

Premium Level

Humans and Nature

PORTAL Village is situated at the border between contemporary Man and Nature.Our purpose is to reactivate the connection between the two through hospitality and eco-entertainment



MOON Bungalows are located on the edge of the forest, fact that it gives them perfect vegetable camouflage, but also refreshing, fragrant shade.

Shelter (bungalow no.1)
Elemental (bungalow no. 2)

* Moon attributes of bungalows are determined both by the de built surface, respectively 24 sqm but also by their location in in relation to the Sky and Earth.

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Human Nature

We have chosen that the piece of resistance of our accommodation and leisure spaces is YOU, not the space itself loaded with decorative elements.



The SUN bungalows have exposure to the East and South-East, thus benefiting more from a lot of solar energy, joy and colour.

Benefic (bungalow no. 3)
Creative (bungalow no. 4)
Ludic (bungalow no. 5)
Magic (bungalow no.6)
Original (bungalow no. 7)
Spiritual (bungalow no. 8)

* Attributes Sun of the bungalows are determined both by the surface built , respectively 14 sqm, how much and their location in relationship with Heaven and Earth .

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Each bungalow is a microuniverse of hospitality, being equipped with everything a traveler needs. The storage spaces inserted in the walls have kettle, glasses, cups, tea collection and other small tasty surprises. Kangen fresh water will cool and hydrate you. The suitcases have their place, under the podium on which the bed is raised, and the hangers are waiting for you to unpack. I replaced the classic bedside tables with elegant niches for phone and book. The services are complete, from room service and automated access, to WI-FI, telephony, electrical outlets and data, all the context you need, at a high performance level.

The platform on which the bed sits with mattress and mattress FIVE STARS, bedding of brushed cotton, feather pillows and down make up the ideal bed for rest , recovery, passion.

The transparent wall cancels out the distance between Man and Nature, providing an ideal setting for relaxation, meditation, love, inspired conversations and rest.

Simple and calm atmosphere, in complementary shades of birch and gray, with accents of white and olive. The ecological materials used keep your fresh forest air even inside.

With us, good ideas, the formula for happiness or the life plan for the coming years can be sketched directly on the walls. Not all of them, but the specially painted whiteboard type, which you will identify in the space for rest and creation.