In a full harmony with nature

The sauna, massage tables, indoor meditation area, wellness rituals and aromatherapy are complemented by the outdoor multisensory relaxation area, revitalization with organic products or a restless bath. 



Purification and balance for the spirit, mind and body.

The whole circuit of procedures acts like a VORTEX capable of extracting fatigue, negativity, mental programs & (self) destructive emotional processes, as well as the initial set of lower states of consciousness.

PORTAL to peaceisaccess code renew your energy.

Recharge with vitality, sensuality, leave nature and its elements to heal you.

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Access the Portal to activate the Vortex of the 5 elements in a purification ritual! We offer you a 60-minute multisensory circuit. Come on! 

From ancient times the people, perhaps imitating the Gods, paid special attention to the purification rituals of the being, in all the fullness of his plans, appealing to the basic elements of Nature and the World: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether . 

PORTAL Village rituals restore an ancestral flow of revitalization and connection to the beauty of this dimension.


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Our specialists, extremely discreet, will guide and help you in this natural circuit of huzur.

Choose to amplify healing experience holistic through a ritual of cleansing and bathing the body in natural precious oils .

Plan to participate at regular yoga, mindfulness, forest bathing sessions in PORTAL.

The access of the tourists in the VORTEX SPA space will be made by appointment, thus ensuring the privacy and the rest of the necessary conditions for an authentic and complete relaxation.