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Anca Munteanu

PORTAL Village has as its cornerstone the desire to inspire certainty, beauty, comfort and balance.

We provide quality hospitality services, promote sophisticated simplicity and the benefits of eco-entertainment. 

Favored by the natural "wild" setting in which it is built, PORTAL Village facilitates connecting customers to an edenic state, without sacrificing the conditions specific to their "urban" comfort zone.

I'm ready to meet you. I welcome the place and I am waiting for you, in time, to cross the PORTAL of this space dedicated to personal freedom, creation, spiritual elevation and inner comfort!



We are a sustainable business. In order to be able to say these words, we have implemented and protected from the design stage the holistic approach to the challenge that the existence of this business implies. So, for us, the most important value is to "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" *

* The Brundtland report


We invest continuously in the people in our team.

PORTAL Village cares and acts for customer satisfaction to achieve the highest levels.

We say what we do. We do what we say. We tell the truth every time!

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The concept itself is a domino piece generated by the movement of Carlo Petrini and the group of activists who formed Slow Food, a civic action designed to defend regional food traditions in Rome in the ‘80s. Therefore, a counter-reaction to the norms established by the "century of speed", which has since continuously and beneficially influenced the bio-rhythm of contemporary Western society. 

As it was discovered that faster is not always better, people adopted the word "slow / slow" for several areas of daily life, food, which together make up the generic slow living.

PORTAL Village invites you to ease the rhythm of your life as an essential condition of capturing the essence of life! We believe that slowing down and placing our true values in the center of our lifestyle is directly involved in creating a new paradigm as well as a slow living mentality which determines us to live in awareness, to make well-intended decisions, for the benefit of our own welfare, extended to the micro-system and ecosystem level.

"Slow living is about creating time, space and energy for the things that matter most to us in life, so ask yourself what you have to gain!" Brooke McAlary 

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