Portal Village: întruniri cu sens în contextul potrivit

Situated at only 20 minutes driving from Sibiu, PORTAL Village is the perfect location for private meetings, corporate events or workshops.

Spaces minimalist, ultra-modern, but at the same time strongly anchored in nature , allow countless possibilities for spending time and organizing events in an unlimited thematic spectrum.


Corporate Events


Wellness corporative packages have prooved their efficiency to keep the focus of the true leaders in your company and improve performance of the managers, that is why  PORTAL Village is the perfect context to challenge , bond and improve your team. 

We take care and know that in our premises the events take place harmoniously, in a perfect balance between useful and pleasant, challenging meetings and moments of relaxation, between identifying a sustainable strategic plan and unique actions designed to update the team's vitality.

Slow Work – Slow down and you'll discover new perspectives.

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Private Events

A PORTAL of Family and Friendship

Away from the wild and noisy world, or the one chained in customs incompatible with your lifestyle, PORTAL - Green Village offers you the necessary logistics and the ideal environment for organizing family reunions, ceremonies, anniversaries, private parties, special events meant to fix in soul and memory the most beautiful and important moments that have as common denominator the indestructible force of unconditional love.

Our capacity is in line with the new paradigm of contemporary times that recommends a limited number of participants, perhaps in a special organizing exercise in which you are invited to choose only what is very close to your heart.

Slow Love - Love without haste, without fear, without prejudice. Celebrate and honor unceasingly love and loved ones!

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Thematic Events

A PORTAL of Self Healing

Dreamed, designed and built as a recovery space for Self , for connecting to Nature and with“ Inland North ”, PORTAL - Green Village is destination ideal for organization of workshops / sessions / camps of art , of creation , of communication, of spirituality, of health , yoga, everything which activates in us the healing divine energy.

We believe that through the presence of all the beautiful people who will step into the PORTAL, this wonderful place will turn, in time, into an enlightened community.

All indoor & outdoor spaces have been specially designed to successfully support the generous range of retreat activities.

And, yes, we reaffirm and guarantee that PORTAL - Green Village represents the ecstasy, acceptance, courage and chance of Man to find the harbor!

Slow Spiritual Awakening - Because LIFE, in essence, is a wonderful adventure dedicated to spiritual awakening, it does not delay or rush, neither the awareness processes, nor the initiation stages! Choose the right time for them, we built the PLACE!

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